East Africa Youth Union

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E.A.Y.U is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization, free from political, clans,religion and ethnic divisions, works with thousands of youth in urban and rural areas throughout East Africa.

E.A.Y.U strives to create a future where youth are able to facilitate their own development.

E.A.Y.U works in program areas of Youth Entrepreneurship and Micro financing, promotion of environment and agricultural development, Youth empowerment, capacity building, mentorship, grassroots community mobilization and awareness, technology, lobbying, and research.

E.A.Y.U encourage and strengthens collective social economic,cultural and environmental,peace and technological initiatives development by youth themselves

E.A.Y.U strives to remove obstacles to youth empowerment so that they have a sustainable livelihoods and successful living Standards.

E.A.Y.U is an all youth inclusive organization, is based in the center of the largest youth community and is entirely staffed by youth members,aiming to assist marginalized disfranchised youth, to help them create a sustain income generating,lead a healthy life, access the benefit of ICT and have a better Understanding of their right as citizens. Unlike most organization working with youth.

E.A.Y.U enable youth to come up with their own solution in open forum,rather than dictation them what to do.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a ultra strong platform for the youth which by first empowering them through sports, skills empowerment, education and various extra circular activities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to change the lives of youth towards a positive lifestyle, and get a society in which the youth are able to facilitate  their own development and their communities in general


To unite and empower the young both socially and economically

To create environment that youth can participate in decision making

To improve the youth creativity and access to them information that can help them to be a positive transformation.

To conduct and encourage research on youth related issues

To promote awareness and well being of youth by working towards promoting gender equality, youth rights, alleviating poverty, hunger, abuse, HIV/AIDS and violence, through providing economic opportunities, developing life skills, promoting healthy living and holding sporting events, drama acting, debates and training.

To establish forum centers on social media that facilities for Youth and their Community to have chance to reach out and share thoughts, comments, issues, advice and experience with others worldwide.

Our Core Values






Transparency and Accountability

Our Activities

Youth Entrepreneurship

Micro financing

Promotion of environment and agriculturical development

Youth empowerment and capacity building


Grassroots community mobilization and awareness





What The World Believe About Youth 

“Youth has a potential to create next society, that is to say, next World.

That’s why we regard YOUTH as IMPORTANT.

Shall we work together from what we can do now?

Shall we start to REALIZE Together?

Anytime we open to you, the chance to join our members and to work  together!

Please contact us, and let’s discuss ideas!”

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